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Pedicure kit
1 Kit = 1 service

The Brazzcare® pedicure kit contains a pair of socks with a technologically advanced emollient cream. This cream has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and regenerative properties. The emollient also softens and protects the cuticle, facilitating the its removal in a safe and hygienic way.

Don’t settle for second best: No other waterless service comes close.

Each pedicure kit contains:

One pair of disposable socks with 30g of professional emollient cream

Sustainably sourced wood cuticle pusher

A high quality nail file


No need for water

Simplify your work, dispense with the need for water, saving an average of more than 4 litres for each pedicure service.


UV protection

Factor ten protection for the skin from the UV rays used during the curing process of gel pedicures


Fixing polymer for Nail polish.

The exclusive polymer is activated with alcohol or acetone, lengthens the duration of the polish on natural nails and extensions.


Dermatologically tested.

This professional emollient cream is laboratory tested and approved.



Reduces pedicure service time by an average of 20 minutes

Guarantee hygiene and safety of the pedicure service

Dispense with the need for water - completely!

Reduce operating costs

Raise client's confidence and perception of the value of the service

Cosmetic technology

Ammonium lactate - limits dehydration of skin

neutral formula with a 7.5ph

Advanced and professional formula

Keratin to promote growth and beauty of nails

Urea keeps the skin hydrated for longer and stimulates the production of collagen.

Natural ingredients

Witch-hazel extract a natural way to relieve skin irritation.

Allantoin - an anti inflammatory and natural healing agent.

Calcium Pantothenate - An essential nail nutrient.

Tea Tree oils - a natural antiseptic.

Vitamin E

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•valid for mainland Portugal

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