5 Reasons to get a pedicure all year round

5 Reasons to get a pedicure all year round

With the arrival of autumn we tend to neglect the care of our feet. We exchange sandals and flip-flops for sneakers or boots and with that our feet are no longer so exposed (we think!!!). Know that you should not forget to take care of them. In this article we will show you 5 reasons why you should have a pedicure throughout the year.

Pedicure makes you feel good 
It's not us who say it's Science! Treating your feet is an act of self-love and those who take care of themselves live a happier and healthier life. Especially when it comes to a BrazzCare waterless pedicure, which involves a foot care massage with emollient cream. Which stimulates circulation through a very relaxing and painless method, compared to a traditional pedicure.

You already know that your skin needs to be exfoliated all year long. This care goes far beyond skin or face. The feet are equally important, especially in the winter, since it is tendentiously a colder season, making impossible for feet to breathe, as they are closed in the shoes, which causes chilblains, mycoses, ingrown toenails and skin dehydration, which can result in the development of calluses.

Your best version in any context
Just because your feet won't be as exposed in everyday life, doesn't mean they'll be completely hidden. Especially when you practice some kind of activity in your spare time, such as swimming, gym or yoga, where we inevitably end up exposing our feet in the changing rooms. So always keep your best (aesthetic) version and avoid unnecessary comments.

Comfort in bed
The only thing worse than getting into your bed and forgetting to turn off the lights is feeling your fingernails and the skin of your heels scrape against the sheets. If you understand what this sensation is, the best thing to do is... That's right, the pedicure! We advise on a regular basis (once a month) if you want a soft and smooth touch.

Colors, colors and more colors
Bring your autumn or winter to life. Most people have summer as their favorite season and they are excited to use stronger and more eye-catching colors. However, there are so many options and beautiful shades that you can take advantage of to use in other seasons, which you would not use otherwise. For example, earth colors in pastels, browns and golds!
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